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Advertising and Cub’s Fans

The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has set up a Fenway Plan, which could help the Cubs gain nearly $150 million from advertising and sponsorships, which will come from Wrigley Field as well as the other streets. There are some people who are on the fence about this idea, but everything seems to come into place. Many people think of advertisements as something negative. Wrigley Field is definitely a beautiful spot and some believe that adding more advertisements or a Jumbotron would simply destroy the field for good. There are people who believe that think it is a bad idea and there are people who are for the advertisements, just as long as they are not the ones who have to put forth money for it. On the other hand, there are even some people who think the stadium should be knocked down.

But, the truth is that Wrigley Field and the Cubs’ are simply tied in with one another. This team and stadium are so tied in together, unlike many other teams and their stadium. So why would advertisements be such a problem? There are plenty of advertisements along the Yankee Stadium and the fans in New York are not complaining. And why is that? Because their philosophy is to win, win, win. They are not concerned about advertisements, as long as the team is doing well. Who cares about giant advertisements if it could mean a championship for the city? Basically, winning is more important than whether or not advertisements are actually displayed on the field.

And, while some people waste their time trying to argue that advertising ruins the beauty of Wrigley field, what does it really matter? The game of baseball is beautiful in itself, advertising cannot ruin that. Some people are stuck on tradition and that makes sense but we are living in a time where advertisements are taking over and are a great way of increasing revenue, which is needed for the city and for the teams. Most importantly, there are ways to incorporate advertising into a ballpark without running it character or destroying its look and field.

People may not always be willing to accept or welcome advertising, but it has become something they have expected. And, there is pretty much nothing that one individual can do to stop advertising from taking place. Some people will be upset after the advertisements are set up but the important thing to remember is that these people will get over it and if they are true baseball fans, they will continue to show support for their favorite team and they will continue to go to the baseball games that they went to before advertising took place.

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